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Wine clubs offer a great variety of highly rated hard to find vintage wines. You'll find excellent red and white wines at discounted prices. Most wines are hand picked and taste tested before being added to a clubs inventory for sale. Many smaller vineyards produce excellent wine but are unable to get their products nationwide. Wine clubs make it possible for you to buy these remarkable finds. They offer a variety of pricing including many great cheap inexpensive wines. Discounts are offered for bulk or case purchases. Price reductions and free shipping are always being offered. Wine clubs have flexibility allowing customers to make single purchases, get autoships or suspend shipments at any time. There are no binding terms, just great wine..

gold medal wine club

Gold Medal Wine Club

Golds Medal Wine Club offers a variety of wines form around the globe. They search for those boutique wines made in small batches from wineries. Gold Medal makes promotion delas with many wineries to brig its members excellent wines at great prices. Their buyers travel back roads in Califorinias wine regions to find award winning wines. They are usuually in limited suply and never reach the store shelves. Gold Medal makes it possible for you to try these wines.

Gold Medal offers its members a variety of clubs to join and shopping by individual wines. They bring you a very large assortment of great wines red and white wines including caberrnets, Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc and many more.. Their site offers ratings and videos on wines, wine eductaion, food and wine paring, dozens of delicious recipes and wine terminology. They also have gifts, wine gift sets and accessories. Gold Medal also keeps its members updated on sales with a presale notification.

Gold Medal Wine CLub is a great place to shop for a large selction of wines.. Their on site training tools will help you become more knowlwedgeable about wine. They are so sure of their buyers abilities to choose great wines that they guarantee you wil enjoy their selections. You, as a member, will reap the rewards of their labor, sitting back and enjoying a magnificent glass of wines others can only dream about ever tasting.


A Great Site to Shop and learn is a well established site offering a broad selection fom lower priced to the exceptional. has hundreds of wines on marked down everyday. Use this link to find all the best wine deals on our site.The marked down wines can save anywhere from a few dollars to $50.00 a bottle. offers wines from around the globe. The selection is large but the search feature on the site allows you to easily locate wines you are looking for also offers a great selection of gifts as well as wine accessories like glassware and related items. They have sections devoted to information and wine education. Become a part of their wine community that already has thousands of also has a link on the navigation called watch the video This is a great feature that takes you to another page of wines. On this page you can click on the logo or wine and be taken to a video about the wine and a wine tasting. This is a great aid when trying to select a wine or find a new to try. Once you try it I'm sure it will become an everyday tool for wine selection. 90 point wines under $20 at Shop Now!

Wine Legacy

wine legacy site

Great Wines at Low Prices

Wine is a no frills wine site offering hundreds of wine selections. The site is simple, not loaded with links, videos, educational articles and other materials so it may appear a little empty but the wines and low prices are why their customers keep coming here. Their location in the New York Metropolitan Area, where major wine retailers are located, gives them an advantage to make more contacts for wine and better prices. Are you looking for a special wine? They may be able to find it for you at a competitive price. You will see their sales pricing allows them to offer price cuts of over 50% making them extremely competitive

Wine has pricing that starts as low as $7.00 a bottle to $350.00 a bottle range. They offer a large variety of wines. The extremely higher priced wines would prove diffuclt to locate on a local store shelf. They also have some champagnes, port wines and mixed cases of wines. Look at their wine list for good reasonably priced wines. Don't forget to check the sale wines link. The deals are great. A wine selling at $9.00 a bottle is marked down to $5.50 Wine Legacy - Superb quality, hand-picked wines from around the world shipped directly to your doorstep!

Cellars Wine Club

Selection,Quality and Price

Cellars Wine Club has been delivering hard to find wines since 1999. They pride themselves on finding excellent high quality wines then offering them through single bottle purchases or 12 different wine clubs. They also offer a quarterly case club. There is no doubt they are successful at this business and have very satisfied repeat customers.

The site is easy to navigate offering many pages of wines to choose from including Fabulous wines under $10.00. . You can shop by region, country and type of wine. The club membership costs nothing and is not binding. You can cancel a wine delivery or club membership quickly and easily by the 10th of a month. They also give club members a 20% discount on case reorders. Each member gets a subscription to their Cellars Notes, a monthly newsletter with info on wines, food paring, recipes, tasting notes and wine related articles.Choose from one of 12 Wine Clubs starting at only $19.95

If you want to try some great wines and keep with in a budget their $10.00 wine club is a great choice. I spoke with a company representative who said this is one of their best selling deals offering excellent wines. Maybe they'll be passing along some deals on other wines during the year.

I browsed through their Fantastic White Wine Choices. The selection was large with young and older vintages including US and imported wines. You can browse through their Huge Red Wine collection

California Wine Club

The best of Family Owned Wineries

In 1990 Bruce and Pam Boring, decided to introduce great wines of California to people. They knew there was hundreds of family owned wineries producing small quantities of excellent wine but could not get their products to all the store shelves across the US. The California wine club was created and has been satisfying wine lovers for years.

Every month Bruce and Pam tour the wine country in search for great wines to offer their customers. They’re guaranteed a quality wine direct from the winery and not a close out, private label or bulk purchase. They originally started with US wineries but expanded to include imported wines after numerous customer requests. There is no membership cost involved. Shipments can be made monthly, bimonthly and quarterly. A 12 page magazine on wines, wineries and related information including food and recipes is included with the order.

There is no middleman so they can offer their customers sizeable discounts like 61% off on case reorders. Prices per bottle are as low as $9.00 Case shipping is only $1.00 Their site is easy to follow and includes a knowledge area to get a little wine education. Individual wines can be found under the case reorders link.They also have a service that helps you plan out a trip to California’s wine country. The sprawling acres of vineyards, buildings, restaurants and small town feeling may give you thoughts about making this your home. Visit their featured wineries. get inspired by the beauty of the California wine country and treat yourself to some excellent wine.