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Autoimmune Disease and Disorders

Autoimmune functions and healing with hyperimmune egg

The immune system is the center of our body’s health and healing systems. Alternative therapies and natural remedies have worked in some cases but they did so with the aid of the best known natural healer, the immune system. Autoimmune disorders and disease occur when the immune system can not do its job properly. When you get sick, come down with an illness, get allergies or find your health gradually decaying the immune system gets the blame.

Did you know that besides keeping you healthy and healing you the immune system also plays a role in the aging process? That includes hair loss, weight gain and loose skin due to loss of collagen, and hormonal changes that literally drive women insane with their changes. As we age our systems become less efficient. We experience loss of energy, more aches and pains along with increased illnesses and disorders. Unfortunately autoimmune disorders and diseases have no boundries or age limits. Excluding Alzheimer's this brief list of disorders has no age limits: fibromyalgia, Lime disease, lupus, cancer, arthritis, aids, diabetes and psoriasis.

The body is a complicated series of systems and chemicals dependent on one another. Most illnesses cause an overactive or imbalanced immune system which in turn causes inflammation leading to more disorders. We want to balance the immune system rather than boost it creating homeostasis among all systems enabling your body to heal itself. Nutrition and exercise are important but are more beneficial when the body is working properly.

When health issues appear your immune system initiates a number of reactions, some of which cause the production of inflammatory chemicals responsible for causing pain and tissue damage in the case of arthritis. Immunoglobulins also known as antibodies are produced if a foreign invader is found in your system. Sometimes the immune system malfunctions causing it to attack your body or may lack the ability to attack or control the invaders or pathogens.

In past decades the study of antibodies has increased dramatically with companies learning how to produce them for research and medical use. Their benefit to us is nothing short of a miracle. When we introduce medically produced antibodies into our body they cause a number of immune system responses that add strength and support while correcting malfunctions. They’ve worked where antibiotics and other drugs have failed. To date thousands of people have used an antibody product and reported results ranging from total remission of disorders to almost complete control.

People living with pain from disorders like arthritis, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease and other neurological disorders have reported elimination of pain and healing. Alzheimer disease is an immune disorder that has also seen benefits from using antibodies. Diabetics have reported vast improvements to their condition, reducing or eliminating medications. Asthma patients have reported a reduced dependency on use of an inhaler.

A US company makes an antibodies product that you can buy, no prescription needed and zero side effects. The product, I26 hyperimmune egg gives your body what it needs to work better allowing it to heal itself as it should. Years of research and testing have gone into this product which now holds over 100 patents. Thousands of people have used it with amazing results. It has, for many, surpassed their expectations erasing any doubts or skepticism they may have once had.

I26 hyperimmune egg enables the body to naturally heal itself eliminating pain caused by inflammation, balances your body chemistry causing it to generate more collagen for firmer skin, energy increases, mental state and Sleep improves. Your immune system is now better prepared to fight or eliminate colds, flu and allergies. Imagine being able to reduce or give up medications. If you’re looking for help, want to live a healthier life free of pain and medications I26 is your solution. Why continue to live in pain? You can join the thousands who are now living a healthy life.

I26 does not interfere with any medication or have any side effects. Learn more about I26 at I26 is also a great medicinal aid for your family pets giving them the same relief we get from this amazing product. If you’re into sports or working out then you should try their IgY recovery proteins product. It was recently NSF approved and will give you a strong drug free competitive edge superior to anything presently on the market.

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