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I26 Hyperimmune Egg Facts and Information

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The term Hyperimmune egg can best be understood with this brief explanation. Hyperimmune is the stimulation of an immune system to produce antibodies, something that can be done to any immune system. Hyperimmune egg is a scientific term given to the eggs of chickens whose immune systems were stimulated. Decades of research led to a highly effective drug free method of interacting with our immune system to correct and control disorders, prevent disease and illness and balance the entire body. The chicken egg was the best method to achieve this goal. I26 is the actual product brand name developed and marketed over fifteen years ago.

There is a massive amount of available information on the subject of immunity and hyperimmunity. The subject has been heavily researched worldwide with outstanding results in health care and treatment of disorders. Some medical researchers regard hyperimmune egg as the future of medicine . Other countries are presently using this as a medical treatment but in the US medical training was in drug therapy so doctors have not been trained to use this particular method.

If your like most people you have a reliance on drugs and surgery as solutions for disorders and disease, possess Limited knowledge about your body and are in a state of confusion and distrust about any other methods or products offering relief from chronic pain and other disorder symptoms. Decades of research, testing and thousands of customers with positve results have proven your immune system can be helped to do it's job, healing. Relief from pain and other chronic disorder symptoms can be controlled or eliminated by your own immune system.

Give me a little of your time and in return youíll learn how to get back your health. You only need to Keep an open mind and have the desire to take back your health or improve it. Thousands of people with disease, disorders chronic pain and athletes looking for that edge have found help. HIV patients have reported tremendous health improvements that drugs could never offer. A three year study on Alzheimer patients using antibodies as a treatment stopped the progression and no further memory loss was seen. In 2009 a similar study had been conducted on Lyme disease patients for a six month period. they saw a 100% turnaround and healing of nerve damage. You can join all these people to improve or get back your health.

Links in the navigation will direct you to Legacy products, testimonials, research and some information documents for further evaluation and education. I strongly suggest reading testimonials. You'll find a broad spectrum of medical problems I26 customers have overcome along with improved health benefits.

From Skeptics to Believers

A diverse group of people once plagued with illness and disorders and athletes looking for enhanced drug free performance, all did something many refuse to do. They listened to what someone had to say, took a little time to learn and tried a different approach that utilized Their own immune system to correct medical conditions. These are people, like you, from all walks of life around the world including doctors, nurses, researchers, athletes, military personnel and anyone who wanted to get back their health.

They realized that living in pain and relying on drugs for everyday survival was not working for them or a solution. Many decided why not try something that canít hurt you, only help you and has no harmful side effects.

Today they are among the thousands of people who have found complete relief from disorders and illness and have restored their health. They have escaped the wrath of colds, flu, infections, acid reflux and inflammation for years.Can you Imagination never filling prescriptions anymore? You can dream about it today but for thousands it became a reality.

Now you have an opportunity to naturally combat disorders with a balanced immune system by using the same antibody proteins already in your system. In return youíll experience gradual but dramatic improvements in physical and mental health. You may be one of the millions who think nothing will ever work and thatís true if you use the wrong product, resort to drug therapy for the remainder of your life or let the skeptic in you take over and do nothing. Become one of the thousands who have taken control of their health.

The Problem; A Dysfunctional System

Immunity is the ability of the body to overcome infection, injury and disease producing organisms. It is the system that recognizes substances as foreign and tries to neutralize or eliminate them. The immune system is responsible for maintaining balance in every part of the body. The importance of a properly functioning immune system can't be overstated.

Our immune system is extremely complex and involved with all our functions. It also plays a role in aging but about 80% of it's activity occurs in the gut. Most people know little about it and tend to take it for granted until one day you find your immune system not functioning properly. Our daily life style, food we eat and activities all take a toll on us. Illness and pre existing conditions may compromise your immune system weakening it allowing other disorders or illnesses to strike. Quite often it begins to attack your own body creating vast amounts of inflammation casuing pain, damage and poor health otherwise known as autoimmune disorders.

A person with inflammation and an autimmune disorder, for example arthritis, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's disease, is an overactive immune system functioning but not properly. People with an underactive system are prone to getting many colds, infections, respiratory and other illnesses. Children often experience this problem. They're exposed to other children in classrooms who easily pass on their illness through touch and airborne pathogens. Subjecting them to continuous use of medication, antibiotics for example, does little to improve this chronic condition.

Stress has proven to be a problem whether it is emotional or physical. It sets into motion a series of chemical changes and immune responses that unfortunately cause inflammatory responses which lead to more medical problems. This is prevalent in anyone involved in intense sports training which causes irritability, energy depletion and excessive injuries along with soreness and frequent pain. Psychological issues have become part of the problem. A stressful lifestyle and job are also taking their toll on millions of people. Stress will cause chronic inflammatrion leading to undetected heart artery damage. Learn more about your immune system and it's problems in this short video.

Immune System Problems

Chronic Inflammation The Deadly killer

Years ago researchers realized inflammation was the primary cause of many of our health conditions but the medical world is only now beginning to see this. This condition is directly linked to causing a number of disorders including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, psoriasis and fibromyalgia. Problem is you can have chronic inflammation and never know it until you suddenly become ill. Many cases have been linked to heart attack victims with no medcial history of heart problems. Secondary problems are caused due to drug side effects often overlooked by doctors. This leads to use of more medications and more side effects.

Cholesterol has long been labeled as the leading cause of heart problems but autopsies show the true problem was inflammation damaging arteries. The inflammatory cells attack the interior artery walls which develop a sticky coating to protect themselves. This in turn allows deposits, usually cholesterol, to attach to the walls eventually leading to blockage. Heart valves and chambers were also bedly damaged due to inflammation. Some artery walls had healed but left a very dense formation of scar tissue.

The video below will explain more about chronic inflammation and how it may be affecting your health.

Chronic Inflammation

Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs

Research first began on using immunoglobulin, also known as antibodies, decades ago but was given minimal attention when antibiotics were discovered. As antibiotic use became widespread it was observed that bacteria were gradually becoming resistant to some of these miracle drugs. Stronger antibiotics were continually being developed but it has finally caught up with us. Today certain pathogens have become resistant to antibiotics. Their ability to adapt for survival has defeated the antibiotics.

We are already faced with a flesh eating bacteria thatís almost impossible to stop. The medical world has warned us there are many more antibiotic resistant bacteria on the way. Researchers are frantically looking for new drugs. Our own personal line of defense is our immune system. It can adapt and make cells able to kill just about anything that invades our body, just one more reason a balanced immune system is important and imperative to have. This is especially impotant for anyone who may be scheduled for a surgical procedure.

Medication Dilema

Physicians are trained to use drugs to treat symptoms for many disorders. They often come with a long list of side effects and some cause drug interactions of which not all doctors are always aware of. Not all patients are affected the same way by drugs so your problems could be diagnosed as a new condition treated with more drugs yielding more side effects. Suddenly your drug list is longer than your grocery list and costlier.

lets look at some problems drugs cause. Many acid reflux drugs are for short term use but people use them for years. They cause many issues internally but the main one is extracting calcium from your bones causing bone loss. You can take another well known drug to fix the problem. Guess what? this drug diverts calcium from teeth and jaw bones. Other drugs can and do cause weight gain, cancer, gastrointestinal damage, memory loss, leg cramps, visual problems, drowsiness, personality changes and much more. these are all common side effects experienced daily by patients.

We constantly read about drugs being taken off the market that have caused serious permanent medical problems. law suits are nationwide against the companies. the thousands of people who have experienced problems have little or no recourse but to now continue using more potentially dangerous drugs.

The Solution

Your disorder is not a mystery but the result of an immune system gone wild. When it functions at peak levels your body is able to effectively defeat invaders, end pain causing inflammation, reduce or alleviate symptoms from chronic disorders and promote system wide healing. Many of us are born with genes that cause conditions but a malfunctioning immune system activated the gene.

Not all immune system malfunctions can be explained. Our system relys on chemcial messages and receptors in cells which appear to some how malfunction causing many immune diorders. Our systems are often not strong enough to fight off a sudden growth of bacteria or viral attack. this could lead to a secondary infection in the same time frame. Some pathogens have the ability to "hide" from immune cells making it almost impossible to stop chronic conditions. Allergies can develop at these critical times caused by a immune system response. These are only a few examples.

Yet within us is the same immune system with the power to heal. Decades of research and testing conclusively proved that the use of externally produced antibodies has the ability to interact with our own system causing many areas of it to become active. The end result is a stronger immune system that corrects it's miscommunications eliminating or ending many disorders. It's important to note that the system is being balanced to function propelry not boosted.

This is the solution to better health. It took years of research to understand how our immune system worked and how to make it work better giving us a healthier life free of pain and the need for medications. This led to the development of a product called I26 which works directly on the immune system causing immune reactions that balance body chemistry and Improve all bodily fucntions. this in turn gives you stronger immune system protection and allows your body to heal itself from any previous damage. Bodily functions and chemistry decline with aging but can be greatly improved by balancing the immune system. People have reported very rapid recovery from surgeries surprising their surgeons as well.

All About I26

Two fortune 200 companies did a joint venture to study the immune system. Years of research, studies and testing was done at a cost of over 50 million dollars. They found the best method to achieve their results was using the chicken and the egg. Researchers stimulated hens with known pathogens and known parts of microorganisms to cause production of antibodies and immune cofactors which got passed directly to the egg making this a hyperimmune egg. The research and processes were awarded over 100 patents. The testing results far exceeded anticipated expectations. Now there was a drug free way to directly work with and improve immune system functions.

Antibodies are an important protein in your immune system that help target and eliminate pathogens, allergens, toxins and eseentially any foreign invaders. The abundance of antibodies in I26 will help your system produce more antibodies. this gives you the balance needed to eliminate inflammation which is the prinmary cause of many disorders. You'll begin to notice improvements in your general health brought about by a better functioning body.

If you ever had a cut, injury or broken bone, cold or flu then you experienced your immune system healing the problem. Any chronic disorder or illness you may have will take time to correct but I26 will assist your immune system in doing that. You only need to give your body the chance to repair itself. Unlike drugs the results are gradual allowing you to adapt naturally without sudden changes. Conditions causing chronic pain and discomfort will fade away.

A good example is a woman who began using I26 twice a day for a painful back problem diagnosed as osteoporosis in her lower spine. She also had acid reflux and was on meds for years. The pain seemed to vanish after 15 days but she also noted it was weeks since she experienced acid reflux and was no longer using any medication.

People have reported feeling results in 10 days using it twice a day. Itís best to use it at least twice a day for first month for optimum results but continued usage and or increased dosage for longer durations may be necessary depending on the desired results and extent of possible disorder or injury. It was interesting to note that people under medical care who began using I26 had such great results that some now have their doctors buying it. I26 is in the doctors PDR.

An article on mental health published in the second half of 2015 stated that there is some evidence that a number of mental disorders, especially depression, is caused by inflammation. Some I26 customers have reported improvements in their mental health so there obviously is a connection.

I26 also works on your pets. Many people have posted testimonials about their petís health taking a full circle after giving them I26 as part of their diet. Pets suffer from many of the same diorders we get. These pets had pain from arthritis and other joint issues, listlessness and overall poor health. Unless you have pet health insurance the vet and medcation cost can add up making I26 an affordable solution to your pets health. You do need to be diligent about their dental care as this can affect their liver.

How I26 works for you

The Benefits

No negative side effects have ever been reported, unless youíre allergic to eggs. Eating healthy and exercising is all part of your overall program to maintain your health. Only I26 works directly with your immune system to strengthen and make it function properly. You can expect to see many positive effects after using it for a few months as directed. Again it is not a drug and the changes are gradual but constant. When your immune system is working properly you produce most of the nutrients needed to run your body. A healthy diet gives you the necessary additional nutrients to help it susatin itself. Here are some of the many changes you can anticipate. Remember all this is the result of a balanced immune system functioning at a level you have never experienced.

  • Increased immunity to colds, flu and other illness
  • Decrease or elimination of allergies and asthma
  • Increase in physical strength and endurance, quicker recovery time
  • Improved sleep
  • Stabilization or elimination of many disorder symptoms, inflammation and pain
  • remarked improvement for controlling diabetes
  • Acid reflux reduced or supressed taking I26 2x a day
  • Mental clarity, improved thought processes.
  • People have reported elimination of depression
  • Anti aging effects.- promotes Collagen production giving you firmer younger looking skin.
  • superior to probiotics, aids digestion and allows body to improve intestinal tract disorders.
  • Lets your immune system work to heal damage in your body
  • Healing from surgical procedures is fast with little pain.
  • eliminating systemic inflammation greatly inproves cardio vascular health

The immune system is not always perfect, can become unbalanced causing pain, disorders and damage but can be corrected to reverse the problem healing the damage and eliminating pain. One I26 user with a painful arthritic condition gradually got pain relief. X-rays revealed healing to the dmamged joint.

Waking up to a new day can be a pleasure instead of a nightmare. How much better would you feel sleeping through the night, not crawling out of bed with aches and pain, not having to run for pills or worry about acid reflux striking again. These are realities for many and can be the same for you.

Please ďlikeĒ this page and give others a chance to learn and find the same path to a healthy drug and pain free existence.

Still uncertain, have questions, Not sure what to order or how much to use or don't understand this discussion about your immune system?. Email questions to me at for answers. Information is free but knowledge is power.

The results from using I26 have been so positive that legacy offers a 90 day money back guarantee, one of the industries best. Get your health back. go to I26 products To place an order