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Eliminate Pain Improve Physical and Mental Health

Conditions and disorders like diabetes, arthtrits, Alzheimer's, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, Chron's disease, acid reflux, allergies, infections, viruses and dozens more all cause immune system reactions that create inflammatory cytokines which keep you in pain and the doctor in business.

There are usually no solutions and prescription drugs are often used to treat the symptoms. Quite often they fail to help,cause side effects and lead to the use of more drugs. You continue to take and pay for the drugs, combatting their effects while continuing to search for a better or alternative solution.

The problem lies within your own body, you have an overactive immune system. it's working overtime to keep you ill and in pain. The trick is to fix the problem and balance that immune system allowing it to work better not harder. When that occurs pain disappears, disorder symptoms magically begin to disappear, your body degins to heal dmaged areas and you gradually feel great as you regain your health. Years of research by hundreds of people have given us a method and the product needed to make all this possible.

Two fortune 200 companies decided to do more reserach in the field of autoimmune disorders and methods of healing them using antibodies. They did a joint research project that led to the development of a product which balanced the immune system enabling it to heal the body.

They found that a chicken passes all of its immunities to its chick in the egg. Their researchers developed methods causing chickens to produce and pass on an increaswed number of antibodies to 26 known pathogens. They eventually had over 100 patents on the concept. Years of testing yielded amazing results. They later sold the rights to a company to market the product on the internet. The technical name of the product is Hyperimmune egg. The company labeled it as I26 hyperimmune egg.

Producing antibodies for humans and experimental use is not a new concept. It has been done in labs for years but the method only produced single antibodies utilizing a method that was time consuming and expensive. The new method is like a smorgasboard of defenses for our bodies to use. Years of product testing have yielded conclusive results that this product is highly effective. Thousands pf people throughout the years have used it with amazing results.

The eggs are processed into a powder that is free of any bacteria and low in cholesterol. It is water soluble powder best mixed with a juiice or purchased as a flavored shake. I26 will balance your immune system causing your body to work in harmony meanng all systems and body chemical production will be balanced.

The immune system is responsible for balanced body chemistry, organ functions, glands and aging. It's also there to heal us when we are sick. immune system imbalances cause overproduction of inflammatory cytokines resulting in chrionic pain and illness. this often leads to internal physical damage. Excess weight causes inflammation leading to disorders like diabetes.

I26 enables your immune system stop the inflammation, aid with weight loss, promotes improved cardio vascular health, faster healing from injuries and surgeries. People with acid reflux have reported results ranging from 99% to 100% control with no dietary restrictions and elimination of medications. Asthma and allergy suffers have also reported vast improvements resulting in few to no attacks. Diabetics are finding their conditions much easier to control while others have reported improved conditions. Your body is capable of healing itself and disorders the immune system causes can often be corrected.
Here are some additional benefits people have experienced from improved immune system functions while using I26.

  • increased energy levels
  • sleep better, no more restless nights
  • Improved memory and thought process
  • increased production of collagen to promote tighter skin
  • Protects against colds and flus almost eliminating any chance of getting one
  • Protects against allergies helping to reduce or eliminate regular hayfever
  • Promotes healing reducing or eliminating infalmmation and pain caused by autoimmune disorders like arthritis.
  • promotes a feeling of well being, better mental health. You always feel good and happy.
  • Balamced immune system will stabilize or improve conditions which can reduce or eliminate need for medications.
  • Enhanced performance for athletes, dancers and anyone who is very active.
  • assists your immune system to contol or eliminate acid reflux
  • Zero side effects from this product. It does not interfere with any medications
  • Most important is elimination of inflammation resulting in pain releif and healing of damaged areas.

  • I26 has also proven to be equally effective in treating disorders and various ailments in dogs, cats, horses, and many other animals. They have treated many conditions including joint pain, obesity, age related tiredness, intestinal tract issues, skin conditions and many others. Vets have now turned to I26 to reverse conditons that would have resulted in putting the animals down. Large dogs and animals that have a tendency to develop joint pain benefit greatly from I26. The pain caused by inflammation subsides and the afflicted area begins to heal.

I26, does more than most supplemments available on the market. It will not take the place of good nutrtional habits, exercise and daily dose of sunshine but it will make it all work better. I26 success got it listed in the physicians PDR, a feat few natural products can boast about. Learn more about this amazing product at Legacy for life

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